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Free Rider 2 Free Rider 2

Rated 5 / 5 stars


its funny and adictive. cheeck out this maps: cks/1170298

Look my own maps:

Do Not Move! my map is an auto map

-5 1n g 1p r 2d t 35 u 3u,1 1p -24 1f,26 16e 58 169,40 1jn 6q 1jd,-3v 3ca t 3e5,ho 4bn ap 4h8,-25 5gt -26 5hm -27 5ie -27 5j7 -2e 5ju -30 5kg -3m 5ku -4e 5lb -57 5ll -65 5lr -72 5lq -7t 5lh -8k 5l3 -98 5ki,-in 5k8 -j2 5kr -jf 5lc -jr 5m0 -k2 5mq -k4 5nk -k1 5og -jn 5pa -is 5q1 -i2 5qj -h7 5r0 -g7 5ra -fb 5rg,-c1 5t4 -9p 5uf,-9r 5ue -6v 5v8,6f 6nl 92 6tv an 6vm ff 710 m9 714,m8 714 qb 71g,19b 7be 16m 7b2,1gi 7gl 1hi 7gp,1hf 7gq 1k4 7g6,1nj 7hj 1mr 7ir,1mq 7ir 1m8 7j5 1ll 7je,1kk 7l6 1hu 7mk 1g5 7p3,1dv 7qe 1gc 7ql,19o 82j 1bl 84e,1dh 85p 1dp 86e 1dv 876 1e3 87v 1e5 890 1ea 8a6 1ee 8be 1ee 8cr 1e7 8dv 1dl 8ev 1cr 8fl 1bu 8g6 1at 8ge 19t 8gg 191 8gc,s2 8sn te 8tq,uj 90p 11b 90r,19b 9co 193 9db 18i 9dr 17t 9e8 176 9eh 16b 9em 15f 9eo 14k 9er,14n 9es 12f 9ff va 9gt,rr 9m7 rm 9ms rh 9ng ra 9o6 qt 9oo q8 9p7 ph 9pi or 9pt,ge 9un hh a0s jb a2u kl a3u o4 a5d 1gs adb 1rj af5 2gc afe,2gc afg 2v6 ae9,2ut ae6 39u a7e,2ue aea 2v9 ae0,39o a7g 3ak a7r 32d afs,3vi 9q3 40a 9po 40p 9p4,7eg fk7 7f8 fkd 7g0 fkg 7gn fkh 7hf fkk 7i9 fkq 7j3 fl8 7jv flm 7ks fm3 7ln fmc 7mi fmh,7qv ftt 7qv fv2 7r5 fvm##T 7v4 ggr,G 7vr ghn 22,G 7vr ggs t,G 7ur ghp 1g,S 7ra fvc,S 52h 99r,S 51h 9bm,S 4tr 9eb,S 4tf 9dt,S 4so 9c1,S 4vg 9el,S 4vo 9bm,S 4rr 9bh,S 4vg 9cd,S 4ro 9d6,S 4rg 9d4,S 50l 9cv,S 4vo 9c5,S 519 9c1,S 4v6 9cq,S 501 9ec,S 51j 9af,S 525 9cb,S 4ub 9ck,S 4tn 9bu,S 4u1 9au,S 50l 9a4,S 50m 9a7,S 52a 99c,S 51p 99h,S 51a 9aj,S 522 9a2,S 4vo 99r,S 50h 99v,S 507 9au,S 507 996,S 51c 9b7,S 517 9ao,S 50c 9au,S 4vt 9b2,S 4vn 9b2,S 4tu 9c0,S 4uu 9ao,S 4v3 9b2,S 4vi 9c1,S 50e 9br,S 4vs 9bc,S 4v4 9bp,S 4ug 9bs,S 4v1 9cl,S 4u5 9cl,B 37l a8h 1o,B 35t a9f 1n,B 33o aas 12,B 320 ac2 1h,B 2vt ad4 1q,B 2u6 adt 24,B 2r4 ae7 29,B 2p3 ae7 2q,B 2nv aed 2a,B 2mi aek 2d,B 2lc aen 29,B 2i5 af5 2n,B 2f6 afa 2j,B 2df af6 2q,B 2bj aeu 2q,B 29p aek 34,B 298 aen 2u

This is an auto map too but you must select the unicycle

-i 16 -4 1k f 1i,2k 6u 31 7n 3v 86,ad q9 b1 qt c1 qe,ii 170 i9 17o iv 18a,kv 1kc lv 1ki mh 1jk,fv 1o0 g9 1p8 h9 1p7,em 24h f5 255 fr 258 gf 24i,5a 2mc 5a 2n3 5c 2nq 5j 2og 63 2p0,8t 2vb 9t 2v1 9l 2tu,6g 3fc 79 3g5 83 3fe##T 4m 5dc,B fc 25d 9g